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    • junksta
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      I bought a hickory board and settled for the best I could find in a stack at a hardwood lumber store. I ripped it into three pieces 66″ to 70″ is the best lengths I could get out of it.

      The wood is bowing (warping), not sideways but in the direction a bow should, about 1″ to 2″ bow.

      Is this a problem? I will probably go ahead and make a bow just for the practice but is there anything to watch for?

    • gigglemonk
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      So its flexing toward the belly as if it is being drawn? If thats the case, your board is deflexed. All things equal, this will yield a smoother draw, though the speed will suffer a bit. Hickory tends to take a bit of set so I wouldnt be surprised to see that 2″ deflex turn into 3 – 5inches of set.

      You can turn it around and then the deflex will be reflex, giving results on the opposite side of the spectrum. Have fun!

    • junksta
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      Thanks for the reply, they have layed out for a few days now and are no worse. Since you mentioned reflex, I think I will make one bow each way and learn something.

    • shotsome
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      How wet was the board when you bought it? You will be heating and bending it anyway,,just go slow,and use some greese to help it season and keep set. (animal or vegatable greese not axle 🙂 )

Viewing 3 reply threads
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