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    • joe_crash
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      I have a bow in the classified section, for sale, and I got a few responses. One guy was major gung ho, then I heard nothing, then a sob story about his sick wife, etc. Then I get a check for 3+ times the amount I was asking. He sent me an email saying go ahead and deposit it and send the bow, along with the extra $$.

      I contacted the bank it was drawn on, and it’s counterfeit. The guys name is: Gillian Oshaughnessy, and he is not one of your scammers from Nigeria, the guy could actually write pretty well, and he even called me.

      Beware! The only payment method I’m taking in the future is PayPal and a money order from the post office.

      Curiously, he didn’t seem to concerned about interstate mail fraud charges, as he used the USPS to send me the check. I’ve reported him, but yeah, we all know that’s not going to do anything!

      Be careful!

    • Robin Conrads
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      Thanks for the warning. Chances are this scam artist is not a member on this site, but one of the millions of bad people on the Internet. Our Classified Ads are open to everyone, not just members.

      I am glad that you were not taken by this scammer. I will warn other sellers of this type of trick.

    • Brennan Herr
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      What state is the scammer living in?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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