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    • Jafjap
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      Hello all,

      I will be moving to Virginia Beach area, and am having some trouble finding some archery shops and or groups or people to shoot with / mentors and or coaches once I get out there. If anyone knows anyone please let me know! I will be out there around September time frame. Once I get a little bit better i would like to get into hunting out there so if anyone knows anything please let me know. Thank you everyone.

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      Good luck with your move. Here is a link to the Club Listings on our site. Be sure and check other states that may be close by. I know we have a couple of active members here from North Carolina, but I don’t know geography well enough to say if that is close to Virginia Beach. I’m in Idaho, but if I were anywhere close to Steve Graf and Duncan I think I’d make the drive over to meet them. 😀 Hopefully, they will find your thread and make some suggestions.

    • vajd
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      I live in Mechanicsville, VA near Richmond, about two hours west of Virginia Beach. I don’t know of any taditional archery shops around but there is plenty of deer around to hunt. The dismal swamp has a funny early season but the rest of the bow season normally starts the first week of Oct.

      HIt me up.


    • Shane Balow
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      I was stationed at Langley AFB for seven years. Its about 30-40 minutes from Virginia beach depending on how far into virginia beach you live. I always went to Wilcox bait and tackle in newport news. its a nice mom and pop type shop in my opinion and they were always respectful and never tried to sell me the best thing on the market (they catered to my needs physically/financially). I also use to hunt in chickahominy WMA. I havent taken anything there but there is plenty of squirrel, seen plenty of people harvest deer out of there and heard turkeys gobble while squirrel hunting with my bow. i also have a cousin who is stationed at Langley and her and her husband go bowfishing for stingrays and gar in the James river. There is also a couple of WMA on the Isle of Wight right over the james river bridge. If you want i will ask my cousin and my friend who is still stationed at langley for info.

    • trapperDave
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      I was stationed Naval Air Station Oceana in Va Beach, Check into the great dismal swamp for hunting opportunities close by

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