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    • Vintage Archer
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      Vintage Archery Co manufacture of the TuffHead broadhead would like to congratulate three bowhunters on their recent successful hunts.

      Steve Woodruff shot two whitetail deer using TuffHead broadheads .One was a nice whitetail buck. Smile

      Vance Skinner received TuffHead broadheads from his friend David DeVille and used them on a hog chipping the near leg bone on entry and splitting the opposite leg bone in two parts.Smile

      Hank Boswell killed a Whitetail deer and a hog on a recent hunt in his home state of Texas .The hog was estimated at 200 lbs. The deer was a three year old typical buckSmile

      CONGRATULATIONS to all three hunters .Nice job! Their pictures with their trophies and stories can be viewed at


    • Steve Sr.
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      You KNOW you are going to have to pay for a bigger website before too many years go by and a gazillion photos show up in your email………right, Joe? Laughing

      Good stuff right there. Congrats to the hunters!

      I’m trying…lol. I “killed” a P&Y twig this AM. P&Y because it was 2 feet this side of a 150 inch class buck….AND…..the only dag blasted twig in the entire opening! LOL. I couldn’t do that again on a bet!

      Pretty exciting for this ol fart regardless of the m mmm miss. Not a score hunter and will be happy with one of several in the area but this is the second year this “hanger” has slipped by me.

      Back out there tonight and tomorrow.

      Sorry. No photos Wink

      God Bless

      Steve Sr.

    • Vintage Archer
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      Steve, I gladly pay for a larger site if that should be the case.But if cost becomes the issue I will not cut back until your photo is posted.WinkSmile

      Persistence is a virtue and I believe you were blessed with it. Good Luck!

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