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    • Anaconda Pintler
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      I was being ridiculed by a good friend about my selfbows awhile back although he had never seen one of mine orshot one for that matter so I made a fun little video and sent to him to try and convince him the ease in shooting and how accurate they could be even with me shooting them, and I am nowhere near a great shooter by no means!

    • Clay Hayes
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      Nice work, on the bows and videos.


    • thefirehuntr
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      Cool videos, nice loosing and form. I like the bows as well. It is pretty addictive. Ive been toting my selfbow as of late. Its an art of its own, yet surprisingly it all comes down to basics and a well made selfbow is no compromise. It is like walking back in time with a magic wand in hand.

    • Yellowfeather
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      Nice work. It was cool to see what a self bow can do. I have always wanted to build a recurve, but it looks like a selfbow would be a little simpler to build and shoots just as good as a recurve would.

    • Anaconda Pintler
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      You know until I started hunting with selfbows I had my doubts about the effectiveness of them as well but the truth is if the bow is properly made and tuned it is as deadly as any modern backed bow. For the work involved sinewbacking a bow I am not convinced yet of the difference The jury is still out.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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