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    • browning
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      Does anyone hunt birds with a bow? Sounds like a fun and very hard way to bag a few birds.

    • Ralph
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      I have shot one pheasant with my bow, just stumbling around and got lucky. It probably would be more productive behind dogs or hunting with more folks but I’ve never had that opportunity. But I have a new shooting buddy that is into dog training and bird hunting so I may have a story to tell this fall. Maybe find quail. Fun but not probably overly productive. :)) Be a tale to tell perhaps. We see.

      I know of people who do so, hunt birds with a bow, as matter of fact that was one of Tred Barta’s sagas, trying to shoot a duck with his longbow. I’m sure others will chime in.

    • David Petersen
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      Only the incidental blue grouse when elk hunting. And I’ve learned not to shoot at them in trees. Even when shot through the middle they tend to coast off down the ridge (they prefer to roost along ridges) never to be seen again. But on the ground I’ll shoot every arrow I have and once every few decades actually hit one. 😆

    • browning
      Post count: 9

      I really like that elk hunting generally leads to grouse encounters. I’ve learned to watch them closely after being shoot. Had one fly down the mountain without a head once. Thinking that chuckar would be a real challenge being the terrain and they’re habbits. Any advice on aerial shots/equipment. What broadheads would work best?

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      You might want to check this out too:


    • jmsmithy
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      Back as a kid my Dad, Uncle, cousins had a tradition of pheasant hunting day after Thanksgiving….did it for years and years, shotguns of course….last few years we’ve had Turkey Day at my place in ADK’s….I purchase between 15-20 birds,stock some of my fields and Dad, my sons, my buddy’s and their sons have at ’em….in last few years since I’ve started on this thing of ours I’ve tried w my recurve….haven’t hit one of the sobs yet!!! 😳

    • browning
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      Smithhammer wrote: You might want to check this out too:


      It looks like they might still be setting up the website, but what that guy can shoot is crazy. Thanks for the link.

    • wildschwein
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      Lots of Grouse where I hunt and I manage to bag a few every year. As far as flight shooting goes, kinda thinking flu-flus and big 3 blades (160 grain Snuffers) would give you the best chances for bringing down birds. I plan on giving Geese/Duck on the wing a try this year. Will have to see how it goes.

    • Charles Ek
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      (Some) Grouse where I hunt and I manage to (miss) a few every year. 😉

    • Ben M.
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      Here is a link offered by Webmother Robin on May 23, 2012 under the thread “Aerial target thrower ideas?”:


      Give it a try. I still intend to build the thrower described in the article, but so far have a buddy to throw plastic bottles for me. I certainly intend to hunt dove this fall!

    • Ben M.
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      We were talking about bird hunting a few weeks ago…

      I went out this morning and took down this pigeon. Seems like you see pigeons all the time until you go after them with your bow! This is the only one I saw but my daughter and I are going back out this evening to catch ’em when they’re coming in to roost (in my friend’s barn).

      I use a 145 grain Zwickey Condor for pigeon/dove. I’ve heard Snaro points work well, but never tried them myself. I’ve heard of people making their own sort of “Snaro” points by drilling two holes trough a field point 90 degrees apart from each other & running piano wire through them.


      Snaro’s website:


    • LimbLover
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      A few years ago, on my very first deer hunt, I was sitting on the edge of a little clearing, and a partridge unknowingly landed within five yards of me. It sat there for about 5 minutes.

      I didn’t shoot it for fear I would spook deer in the area. Had I known then what I know now…I wouldn’t have hesitated. I’ve been chasing partridge ever since, and have yet to see one in time to get my bow up and take it on the ground or on the wing.

      A partridge may be my ultimate trophy with a bow.

    • archer38
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      I wont say how many I’ve missed but i have taken grouse with my recurve.

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