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    • Andrew KeyAndrew Key
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      I have found alot of mixed information on this topic so hopefully someone can share some insight. I shoot a Bear Kodiak Hunter 50# @28″ with a 28″ draw. I have some Easton xx78 2213 arrows that seem to work well but i have been informed i should be using a 2117 or a 2216. The 2213 are 460 spine so im told but not built for hunting? Can anyone help or offer up an information. Ive only been shooting a few weeks and im addicted.

    • richard roop
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      I can say without fear of contradiction; ……………….. Depends.

      I am a huge fan of the 2213. I’m also running 60# @28″ w/a 27″ draw so our set-ups are not too much different.  The question for you is “How are they flying for you” ?? I had to go to a heavier point and add three of those 5 grain washers to get perfect arrow flight, paper tune & bare shaft.  I can get a wee bit anal about tuning to the point that I added glue lines to the back of my bare test shaft to make up for the lost weight of the fletching.


      As far as a hunting shaft, again, ……………….. depends.

      If you’re hunting out of a tree stand , shooting close range downward, yes a heavier arrow such as a 2117 or even a 2219 might be better. Otherwise, not a thing wrong with a 2213 for hunting if you have it flying straight.


    • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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      Hi Andrew

      What Richard said – I Havn’t used an aluminum arrow in a few years so can’t give a definitive answer. I remember 2213s and 2117s were well liked for your bow weight /draw. I think whatever arrow in that class that shoots well with a razor sharp broadhead will work fine for most N Am hunting.

      Scout aka Ray

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