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    • Crystalshrimp
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      Pretty stoked!!! I just received my Tuskers Concorde Bh’s and I like them too much. I should have ordered the KME Sharpened BH’s in order to save me time. In anycase I’ve managed to sharpen one so far and Buddy, it is ready to go to work. The Only thing I’d change on the Bh is the way they either tac welded them, its not a smooth transition from blade to ferrule. I love its tanto tip and there is no doubt this Bh is gonna get the job done. Now Im just waiting for my Tuffheads….Tuskers are not bad for the money. They sure do sharpen nicely.

    • David Petersen
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      “Tuskers are not bad for the money.” I’d say they’re pretty darn good for the money and recommend them for folks looking for a dependable single-bevel with a good MA, hardness, etc., at a good price compared to most single-bevels. I can’t tell that the rough-looking finish makes any notable difference in penetration. Being hunt-ready factory sharpened is one reason, of course, that Tuffheads and lately Brown Bears,etc. cost more. The trad marketplace has become so educated on Dr.Ashby’s findings that the day is over when a broadhead can sell well for big bucks andnot be ready-sharp when you receive it. I’ve found both Tuskers and Tuffheads, among others, do great work on elk. I like thicker blades than the Tusker, old Grizzly, etc., for single-bevels because the thicker the steel, the wider the “bevel shelf” and thus the more torque and bone-breaking force exerted. IMHO

Viewing 1 reply thread
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