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    • tombow
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      Last week, I took a small doe for my second whitetail and third harvest in my first year of Trad. Bowhunting. I have to put a strong vote of confidence in the 225 gr. Tuffhead as it’s performance has been unbelievably Great!

      The first doe, all the way back in late September, was hit in the right shoulder blade and cut the underside of the backbone and punched just through the offside ribcage. The deer was down in about 80 yards, stone-dead, even with the less than desirable hit.

      Last week’s doe jumped the string and the arrow hit just right of the spine and cut THROUGH the vertebrae, dropping the deer on the spot! Unfortunately, I had to make a quick second shot to kill the deer which hit the deer just right of the sternum and penetrated all the way through the deer. After getting the deer hung up, I did an “autopsy” to see what damage the broadhead(s) did, as I do with every deer. I was surprised to see that the head had penetrated the actual vertebrae and had been sticking out of the underside of the spine before I pulled it out!

      Dr. Ashby’s reports steered me toward preparing for worst case scenarios (heavy bone hits) and toward the single bevel heads and high FOC arrows. I can honestly say that I have stopped looking for broadheads because the Tuffhead saved the day. Two heavy bone hits that would have made lesser broadheads break or become severely damaged and I am confident that this head is the reason that these deer were harvested and not merely wounded.’

    • David Coulter
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      Congratulations on your deer. I can make no comparisons, as I only have one kill and it offered little in the way of resistance. Mine was a broadside shot, in the bottom half of the heart of a small doe. It was a complete pass through and buried itself into the stoney bank a full five inches. I was fortunate to have a good opportunity and to have made a decent shot. The 225 grain Tuffhead did exactly what it was supposed to do and I’ll have no reason to switch. dwcphoto

    • archer38
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      Thanks guys, I recently worked an arrow combination that bare shafted great with 250 grains up front from my 40# recurve. I’ve been on the fence with what head to hunt with. I narrowed it down to tuffheads and woodsman elite. You just made my decision a bit easier

    • tombow
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      Soon I will have a picture to show you guys concerning the 225 gr. Tuffhead and it’s penetrating abilities from my wood arrows shot from my 53# longbow. Stay tuned, I think you will find it very interesting.

      Suffice to say, I can’t imagine being more satisfied with a different broadhead compared to what I am seeing with the Tuffhead.

    • David Petersen
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      I just stuck some 225 Tuffheads on some old poc arrows I made years ago and don’t even know the spine. But they shoot great and at just over 600 grains total are pretty fast and should make good medicine for wee little Coues whitetails, if I get to go next month. Haven’t checked FOC but expect it to be in the mid-high teens, such I’m a bit under with FOC and total arrow weight the 650 grains and 20 percent FOC I use as a minimum for elk. But an elk is like half a dozen Coues deer so I’m confident I have plenty. Those sharp pointy things just want to penetrate and cut, as if they were carefully designed for the job. 😛 Joe will have a booth at Kzoo and I’m looking forward to meeting him.

    • Raymond Coffman
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      My wooden deer arrows for my brace of shrews 56lb@27

      are poc tap shaft [ fireflys] 630grs+- / 225gr Tuffheads / 18.42 foc


      PS – when I bought my first shrew I asked {Ron} what arrow might work for me { i gave my Specs} and I was sent the above – which worked, maybe an anomaly, or something folks might try. I ask the Bowyer, and that has so far put my in the Ballpark.

      sometimes I have to tweek em — and having test shafts in the arrows you basically like are the way to go–

    • Vintage Archer
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      Tom,congratulations on your great season.Thank you for sharing your experiences using the TuffHead broadhead. Your experiences reenforce our test results however field results are the ultimate true test. Thanks for the infomation.

      Joe furlong

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