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    • Danny Klee
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      I have two 15 foot ladder stands that I have used in the past for gun hunting here in Michigan. One is in my back yard. The problem is with both of these is that the platform is not very big making it very difficult while shooting my longbow. My problem is not having enough room to stand while getting an adequate draw on the bow without the string hitting my chest before I come to full draw. I just don’t seem to get enough room to stand as I do on the ground. Does anyone know of a ladder stand that would be more beneficial for me… or perhaps some advice? Thanks.


    • tinybowhunter
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      I’ve havn’t ever used a ladder stand, but have given it some thought lately. I’ve been thinking about lone wolf or summit. I have some friends that use both of these brands, and are extremly happy with them.

    • awessman
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      This might not be the answer you are after. But being that I hate to rebuy things. I would stick with what you have. The last latter stand I used I actually cut off the arm rest, becuase it was getting in the way of my string. I also had to practice shooting my bow at a little more of an angle. Just keep working with it and you will figure something out. The nice thing about latter stands is you can keep climbing in and out of them during practice sessions.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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