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    • 3R Shooter
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      Tred Barta sent me this update about a black bear he harvested in Bella Coola, BC this year.

      55# Barta Bow
      Barta Wilderness Arrows w/Woodsman BH

      For more pictures and updates on Tred, I will be posting them on 3Rivers Archery’s fan page on facebook.

      Johnathan Karch
      3Rivers Archery

    • 3blades
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      Nothing going to stop him from hunting. I wish the man well in his recovery.

    • lee c
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      Wow!..Now this guy is unstoppable!. Say what ya want about Tred,(some love him,some,well,not so much maybe..) his show was one of my favorites!. I always felt “he got it”,ya know? One got to see the hits and misses. success or failure…he showed it all. He is honest about it,in my view. I trully respect him for that. Now,I do know alot of folks had alot of differing opinions about the man,and thats fine,he seems like a tough enough dude,and could take it all in stride. Seeming him now,with his physical limitations,and STILL out there hunting and killing game,WOW!..thats some in my book!..Way to go Tred…ya tough ol dude!! Take care,Lee 😀

    • Steve Branson
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      Tred Barta is like Ted Nugent, if you only listen to what they have to say and their messages, they are truly great guys. I really admire Tred for his never say “I cant” approach to life, which he truly believes in. Best of wishes to Tred!!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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