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    • J-dog
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      Love Dennis Kamstras’s section tips from the oldtimer in the magazine lotta cool tips to be put to use. He had one on dog treats at some point in time and I am trying to remember how he made them???? Anyone out there remember what I am talking about> If I remember correctly it had something to do with liver.

      Thanks everyone in advance.


    • Buzzard
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      My wife makes her dog treats by grinding up liver, mixing it with flour and garlic, into a stiff dough and baking it as a small cookie. Break off a piece for each treat/reward! I can’t give you a receipe as she does it most by feel. IE, 1 liver, ground, couple of cups flour, 1 large clove garlic, ground, knead well, add flour as needed.

    • Don Thomas
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      /we have lots of dogs as most of you know–hounds, Labs, pointers. We make our dog treats by letting them all in the house every couple of weeks and forgetting to lock the doors on the kitchen cupboards. Everything that’s gone in the morning was a genuine dog treat. Don

    • crittergitter
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      sorry to change the subject but anyone on here hunt birds with dogs,would love to talk to other upland bird finatics

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