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    • David Petersen
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      This film was made by the National Wildlife Federation and I can only hope it’s the start of a growing unity to decry and outlaw this top enemy to hunting, especially in the East.

    • David Coulter
      Post count: 2272

      This is sickening. It’s also interesting to read the comments below the video, as it is to watch and listen to the video. dwc

    • shaneharley
      Post count: 118

      It’s pretty pathetic people would pay to do something like that.

    • Alexandre Bugnon
      Post count: 681

      Some of the comments are worse than the video!

      I especially liked the one where the guy says:

      “It’s my land, I paid for it, and I pay huge taxes… I should be able to do what I want with it!”

      Oh yeah? Its funny how some people believe that because they paid for something like land, they can do whatever they wish with total disregard for the surrounding community!!! what about a crystal meth lab, or a survivalist neo- nazi “outdoor” camp, then? 😀

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      You nailed it, Alex: “landowner rights” is a hugely controversial and hurtful issues here in the West. In extreme cases, as quoted here, it is sociopathic, to say the least. I have much more to say on this rancid issue but will stifle, so as not to force our Beloved Webmom to hit the Big Red Button.

    • tailfeather
      Post count: 417

      I’ve had the displeasure of meeting a few people who have hunted (and defended) high-fence areas. I walked away each time feeling like I needed to wash my hands, or even bathe.

    • Ralph
      Post count: 2567

      I have the “pleasure” of knowing a guy who went down south somewhere and shot an elk on a high fence ranch. Brag, brag, brag he did. Absolutely disgusted me.

    • William Warren
      Post count: 1384

      I don’t know anyone who has done this and don’t want to. I’ve mostly hunted public land and consider this the toughest hunting there is considering the hunting pressure on those tracts here in the east. I hope they succeed in stopping the practice but I got a feeling where money and lazy people with money are involved it probably won’t stop anytime soon.

    • tailfeather
      Post count: 417

      Yeah, one of these guys went to Canada and shot a 190″ buck inside some fenced area. Selectively bred, I’m sure. I find a wild 90 pound spike much more interesting, honest, and important.

    • james gilmer
      Post count: 131

      how do we effectively fight this when the industry buys off politicians and gets legislation passed making this shit legal? Its the same thing over and over and over in the US these days. The corporate elite gets whats good for them despite what it does to the rest of us and our beloved planet.

    • skinner biscuit
      Post count: 250

      If this is what hunting becomes,I’ll be a Peta foot soldier! Whatching that video was repulsive…puke,puke,smeared in poop!

    • Jeremy Holden
      Post count: 60

      It certainly makes me proud to have taken my one and only deer on public land. This video made my stomach turn.


    • Col Mike
      Post count: 911

      Land owner rights my butt–we don’t own the land–check back in a few K years and see whats on “your” land.

      I’m sure Dave’s next book will say it more eloquently then I. AND I won’t say more as I sense the elegant and delightful web mother hovering over the red key:shock:


    • 1shot
      Post count: 252

      By the above posts… I believe I made the correct choice of quiting another hunting site joining tradbow…

    • adirondackman
      Post count: 69

      I think that this can be summed up with 2 words: Disgusting – Shame

    • wahoo
      Post count: 418

      I couldn’t even finish – made me feel sick

    • centaur
      Post count: 3

      Beyond sickening; it is everything that hunting is NOT. These ‘hunters’ are probably the same folks that claim to be war heros when they never served a day. Pitiful.

    • Etter1
      Post count: 831

      I’ve met some of the same people as Tailfeather. I remember one story where he negotiated the price with the guide will looking through the scope. Just sickening.

    • Bunyan Morris
      Post count: 135

      etter1 wrote: I’ve met some of the same people as Tailfeather. I remember one story where he negotiated the price with the guide will looking through the scope. Just sickening.

      Yep, I’ve had the same conversation with the same guy…actually it wasn’t a conversation. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

    • mhay
      Post count: 264

      I have always believed these preserves were a disgusting tool for the person or persons with plenty of money and no ability to harvest a WILD animal . So they resort to a means that is lower than poaching ,,,,which is evidently provided by the same type persons who assemble such feed lot areas of mismanagement and disrespect of ALL wildlife ,,,all for filthy lucre .

    • Stephen Graf
      Post count: 2383

      I didn’t watch the video. There are just too many things to be disappointed about these days. I’ll do myself a favor and not add another.

      I am sure the root cause for the attitudes highlighted above is the entrenched western concept of property. People as property, Our earth and all it’s inhabitants as property.

      Hay, I just heard on the radio that NC is in the top 10 places on the planet for the sex slave market. Right below New Guinea. If we STILL can’t see that owning a person is wrong, however can we understand that owning the land is an evil concept?

    • David Fudala
      Post count: 224

      It truly pains the heart to see animals treated in such a way. We hunt for recreation, yes. But we do not KILL for recreation! We have a lot of work to do folks! We must as true conservationists and people who truly love the land and the animals who inhabit it must fight with all we have to end such atrosities! This is below human! It is disgusting and I will take offense to anyone who relates this to what WE do and what WE believe!

      Such a shame to see!

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