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    • Ben M.
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      I’d been waiting all week to hunt with my brother in law this morning–we had it all planned out, talked our hunt over almost every day. Well it turns out he could only stay ’til 9 o’clock this morning. Bummer! Oh well, things happen.

      So he got down off his stand at 9, snuck off, and not 20 minutes later a pair of does came walking down the exact trail he’d walked out on! They spent about 20 minutes right in front of his (now empty) stand. I texted him about 5 minutes after they came in “Hey loser! Pair of does under your stand RIGHT NOW!” It became obvious they weren’t going to present me with a shot so I just kept egging him on, giving him updates on their every move just to drill it in. He sent back a few expletives in all caps and I told him “Shh! Don’t yell, they’re still under your stand!” 😆 We didn’t make any meat today and didn’t get to hunt together nearly as long as I’d hoped to, but this was one of the best hunts of the season. Nice to have a buddy in the woods while you’re hunting! I’m just hoping the payback won’t be too fierce!


    • kellydockter
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      it’s funny how that happens.

    • Wexbow
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      Hopefully it’ll encourage him to get back out with you soon.

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