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    • Etter1
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      I went down to my south ga lease last week and hunted with some friends for a few days.

      On friday morning, a buddy let me hunt a small piece of property that he has permission on, and it payed off for me.

      I was sitting there watching squirrels, when this young buck came out of the bottom to my right and stopped in a firebreak at 15 yards. The first arrow was tipped with a zwickey delta and it zipped right through him and stuck in the ground. The buck jumped and then trotted a few yards and just looked around as if he had no idea that anything was wrong.

      I grabbed another arrow tipped with a tree shark and put it through his front shoulder. He only went ten yards after the second shot. The tree sharks are amazing!!! Biggest hole I’ve ever seen from a bow.

      Anyway, this turned out to be the only deer I saw in 3.5 days. Great weekend!

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    • Wexbow
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      Jeez Etter, that is some hole alright! And I was literally just browsing the 3Rivers catalogue that arrived today musing over how effective those Simmon’s heads would be 8)

    • rwbowman
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      My goodness! That one almost dressed himself out! 😀 Nice work!

    • lyagooshka
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      Do those broadheads come in a caliber other than .50 cal? 😆 Good job. Congrats!



    • archer38
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      Wow! You don’t like them to go far huh ! Congrats on a fine harvest. What model is your Howatt??

    • BuckyT
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      Congrats on another fine kill brother!

      Those Simmons Tree Sharks are flat devastating!!

    • Etter1
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      archer38 wrote: Wow! You don’t like them to go far huh ! Congrats on a fine harvest. What model is your Howatt??

      Early 1960s monterrey

    • YankeeRedneck
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      Nice job Etter very nice I too have a Howatt love that thing.:D

Viewing 7 reply threads
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