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    • Ben M.
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      Here’s a link to a thread on another website. This is the funniest darn archery story I’ve ever read. Made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe!


    • jaytbuzzard
      Post count: 80

      That was awesome!

    • handirifle
      Post count: 409

      That was funnier than watching Tim Conway and Harvey Korman together, great story.

    • lyagooshka
      Post count: 600

      That is too funny πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† !

    • Wexbow
      Post count: 403

      πŸ˜† I’ve done some crazy stuff as a kid with flammable materials but that takes the biscuit πŸ˜†

    • jpcarlson
      Post count: 218

      awesome, my stomache hurts!:)

    • rwbowman
      Post count: 119

      Good one! The things we did as kids… Takes me back.

    • hunterbow
      Post count: 11

      wow all I can say that was a treat. Thank you:D

    • berndm50
      Post count: 13

      LOL That was funny!!!

    • wolfkill220
      Post count: 71

      Ahhh the good old days when kids where kids not like now glued to the phone tv or computer but damn that was funny sounds like some of the stuff i did growing up

    • Col MikeCol Mike
      Post count: 910

      Now that I have recovered from chocking on my dip of cope and blowing out my beer through my nose and have finally stopped laughing–perhaps you learned- ed gents can advise.

      After this last weeks snow-i-cane with many trees down on our trails and I’m looking at a week or so with chain saw to clear–I’m now thinking –man what a chance for archery practice. Have some old alum. arrows I can turn into fire sticks easily–but what to put on the trees. No longer have access to c-4 or det chord. I’m thinking butane lighters (cheap) with powder from shot gun shells as the explosion. Maybe some gasoline to help–no problem with fire with all this snow. Will check responses tomorrow early before heading out. 10 year old brain in a 65 year old body. Hold my beer -And watch this!!:D:

      Semper Fi


    • Mark Turton
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      Only heard this described, in the good old days felled trees were bored with an auger from the cut face, black powder was then packed into the hole and a fuse lit. The resulting excitement would split the tree. Dont know if that helps.

      Alternatively is there anyone in your area that demolishes structural steel they use linear shaped charges, comes in rolls, makes a really weird noise, aside from bang.

      What ever you decide please take a camera.


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