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    • Alexandre Bugnon
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      I was blessed again yesterday morning, and got another Deer on Thanksgiving morning. I had come up from NYC the day before to spend Wednesday evening with my daughter and grandson before they left the next morning.I was sitting inside of a big oak tree that fell during Hurricane Sandy, not too far from where I killed my other buck on Nov 6th. and about 10 yards from the trail they sometime take up the mountain in the morning. I was hoping a doe would walk by. It was 6:50AM, not daylight all the way when what I thought was a doe came into my view from below. It turned out to be a little spike buck. I let him pass by me, really concentrated on a spot and released. The heavy Abowyer-tipped arrow shot from my ultra quiet Shrew Classic Hunter made by Gregg Coffey of Java Man Archery passed thru like butter. The deer bounded away, stopped 70 yards away, stood there for a while and laid down. The other Deer coming behind just froze from the commotion for a while, then kept going. I looked again with my binos, and the deer wasn’t there anymore!!! I wasn’t sure why, I really remembered my arrow going in well, but I think the noise other deer coming up the hill must have pushed him. So I waited 3 hours, went to retrieve my blood soaked arrow. It smelled like liver. In the end, the blood trail was excellent, but it traveled 200 more yards before dying in the steep Forest/boulder field mountain I hunt. I was alone, my friends were away, the butcher was closed for Thanksgiving, and I was over a mile from my car, and I had to take an afternoon train back to the City, so I had one solution: skin, debone, pack and hike, which I did, after I went back to my daughter’s house to get my Elk Backpack and hiked back to the deer. The meat was finally safe in my daughter’s freezer ( she’s gonna freak out when she gets back!)at 4PM. I then walked 2 miles, at sunset, in totally empty streets, from her house to the Beacon,NY train station, caught a train back home, packed my bag for a few days on the road, and went to bed. Best Hunt ever!! And a great way to spend Thanksgiving!

    • coldpak
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      Congrats. and Happy Thanksgiving.

    • David Petersen
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      Alex, congratulations once again! This is really a boomer deer season for you, and all from the ground, selah! That’s a Thanksgiving day of a quality I doubt anyone in the US but you enjoyed. And I will add that “home” for you right now is Harlem, NYC. What less likely home for a traditional bowhunter can we think of? We are everywhere. 😀 I’m really happy for you brother.

    • CareyE
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      Congratulations Alex.

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