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    • gobbler716
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      I just signed up for Tradbow, but have been thinking about building my own equipment off and on for a very long time. Since I was laid off in May, I have made it my mission to gather as much info as possible. I have learned more this evening than in the past month…what to do, what woods are not proper (here in “bama), your mistakes and successes.

      I want to thank each of you for your input!:lol:

    • David Petersen
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      Gobbler — Good to have you here. Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but the only question I can see that you asked is about PSE bows. In general, such precise questions get the fewest answers simply because it really narrows down those of us who are qualified to respond. If you asked about bow-building, I can’t find the question. In any event it’s hunting season, brother. Those who aren’t out hunting are single-minded in thinking about their upcoming hunts, with little time left for the computer. And even at best it takes a few days for the full round of folks to check in and comment. Meanwhile, the mandatory place to start with bowyering is the Bowyer’s Bible, V1. That will keep you busy for a while. Building and shooting your own bows is the pinnacle of traditional archery experience. You’ll love it. But you have me totally confused. 🙄 Dave

    • shawhill
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      LOL Dave I can see why you would be confused, but I dont think he was being sarcastic. I used to do the same thing, not really having my own specific questions formed I would use forums as a scource of info. Reading them would give insight into subjects I didn’t even know to ask about. I have done so with tradbow, NYS corrections forums ect. I think he was genuinely expressing gratitude for the wealth of knowledge in these threads. Hoping for a little less confusion in the world

Viewing 2 reply threads
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