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    • stefan 1984
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      i have learned so much in this forum … and i think its time to say thank you to all members… i wish you all a good time.

    • David Petersen
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      Stefan — We thank you as well. Everyone here has something to teach, and something to learn, and we know how to share. What we are most proud of with this site is the quality of mutual respect among participants as evidenced in the way we converse and even argue. The human race needs more of that, more easy-going humor, more open minds to opposing ideas, and less petty snarky pissy grandstanding by folks hiding behind fictional names. It’s all fun, dave p

    • tom-wisconsin
      Post count: 239

      I agree with Dave. I am honored to be associated with this group of people on this site. Welcome, Stefan.

    • stefan 1984
      Post count: 25

      thanks for your words, i agree with you … i think bowhunting is a lifestyle far away from the “normal” life… i am verry lucky that i find this forum… and yes i am honored to. the best times for me and my buddys are these in the woods by shooting our bows… stumpshooting, hunting , 3d-parcour, etc… and its a verry funny thing, laughing guarante …
      ps: sorry for my english.. but i think nobody understand swissgerman here 😆

Viewing 3 reply threads
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