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    • archer52
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      I’ve been busy working on my book and my political website, so I had to take some time off from my outdoors site. Today I posted a story about my wife, Marty. A lovely woman who may not see the world exactly like the rest of us. The reason I decided to do this is to allow us hunters to tell stories on our wives, or husbands.

      A good hunter has a spouse who either understands the desire and need to be in the woods, or is glad to get you out of the house! Either way, it works for all of us who need to feel the dirt under our feet and the smell of fresh air in our lungs.

      My wife is a little of both. She long ago gave up trying to change me (which started about two seconds after I said “I do.” and decided that getting me out of the house allows her to do the crazy things she does, without witnesses.

      I posted the story over at: http://outdoors.truthandcommonsense.com/

      Come over and enjoy. More stories as coming, as she has had a very “odd” couple of weeks, even for her.


    • Bloodless
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      My wife has gone from being a closet anti-hunter to becoming an excellent game scout. With eyes, ears and a nose all far sharper than mine, and years of familiarity through hiking the area I hunt, and by studying everything about the animals that live there, she’s become a first-rate woodsman, far better than your average Cabela’s male model type. She not only knows what’s been where, but often can predict what it was doing and where it went. Comes in really handy for old Bullyboy!

    • lssa
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      my wife is a taxdermist and a better bow shot than me and uasally kills more deer than i do most years

    • LanceColeman
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      Oh man don’t get me started on my lil missus!!

      She may not be a bowhunter YET.

      But she’s as dedicated an outdoors person as any of us on this site are.

      And she’s better at getting me to cater to, drag game, and “guide” a person. than any hunting partner ever has been.

      She bats them baby blues at me once?

      And I’m draggin animals!

      And yall this is a lady that does NOT hunt on Sundays (because she’s busy teaching childrens church. Good GOD I love that woman!!

      Oh and yea I could “tell on her” but as yall can see?? She’s one heckuva shot and I’m sort of scared of her.:lol:

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