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  • Bud B.
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    I read on LW that a past article was in a TBM issue about deer hunting with lightweight bows. Any help on which issue?


    Thank you.

  • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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    Hi Bud. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything specific with those words in the title. Any number of articles could have talked about it, but it didn’t get noted in my search index. I found a recent article by G. Fred Asbell in the Feb/Mar 19 issue that talks about draw weight. Here is a link in case that’s the one you are thinking of. If not, I would need to know approximately when it was published, maybe the author, something to help me pinpoint the exact article so I can find it for you.



  • richard roop
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    Mayhap you’re thinking of an article in the Aug. / Sept. 2018 issue, “The Ground Game” by Jeff Stonehouse . ???

    Antelope rather than deer but with a 37# Bear Temujin.

    Interesting read.


  • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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    You also might go to theĀ  ” search the forums ” ( bows and equipment / friends of foc) and ask about lighter than std bows for hunting – in the past there was a lot of discussion about this—

    Scout aka Ray

  • Bud B.
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    Thank you all.

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