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    • Steve Branson
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      A while back I had a period where my shooting had began to slip. It got me really worried for a while, so I did the usual blind bale, mentally trying to put every aspect of form and shot placement together, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then one day it hit me. I was shooting at the same target for an extended amount of sessions while facing it head on. I had mentally become “bored” with the intended target! I began moving my shooting position to see the target at a different angle. I also moved my target around the yard to get different scenery beyond the target. I was shooting better than I had in a while, because every time I moved positions or moved the target, it virtually became a new target and much more exciting to shoot. Just wanted to toss this out there for guys, especially newer shooters, to keep in mind.

    • David Petersen
      Post count: 2749

      Good tip, Steve. I do the same thing when practicing before and during hunting seasons, also mixing up shooting positions and vertical angles: knees, sitting, through brush, from the cabin roof. More fun, better practice. dp

    • Cottonwood
      Post count: 311

      Yep, good stuff right there. 8)

    • SteveMcD
      Post count: 870

      Absolutely.. which is why I ramp up the amount of stumping I do before the hunting season. Better practice at unknown distances, and more realistic to hunting. Also what Dave said.. practice shooting from different positions – sitting and kneeling as well as standing. I also practice more shooting with broadheads.

      One other thing I do.. is switch to my “Go To” hunting bow for the season, about 60 days before the season starts, and I don’t switch to another bow until the seasons end.

    • Patrick
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      Ditto! I get mentally lazy and sloppy when I’m shooting the same target from the same spot over and over. I find that when I’m shooting with a bunch of arrows I don’t conentrate as well either.

    • coyote220
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      Since I have increased my shooting practice frequency and multiple angle shooting on the same target I have shot 3 of my own arrows in half this week! I guess it’s a good and costly problem to have??!!

    • Steve Branson
      Post count: 73

      Yup! I dont mind a busted nock every once in a while…

    • LimbLover
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      I got bored like that too. Picture the same thing but in a basement with only 10 yards to work with and having to kneel or sit down! Yuck.

      I’d much rather stump. We switch it up at league a lot too. Last week we pinned bullseye targets up and each shot about 160 scoring 5 on the bullseye, 4 on the next ring, etc etc. A compound style of shooting.

      I will admit that I don’t like bale work much but it was a lot of fun. Playing follow the leader with friends is my favorite thing to do and it adds a little pressure.

    • Larry O. Fischer
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      A group of us took it up a notch last weekend, shooting for quarters. I do not know a better way to increase your concentration, then to put some type of competition into your practice. We either shoot for money or for fetching arrows, either way you tend to bare down and focus. Come on over some evening and we’ll show how we play the game!

    • Steve Branson
      Post count: 73

      Larry…. You from the area?

    • MontanaFord
      Post count: 450

      My uncle and I play for pennies, because pennies are easy to come up with for payoff. LOL. We just keep tally of who had how many top scores, and at the end, the person with the most wins gets the difference between the two. Tons of fun.


    • 3blades
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      I felt this way on Saturday at my house but when I went to the club to shoot with some new friends it was great and super fun again. A great tip to remember….:wink:

    • Frank H V
      Post count: 129

      I kind of mix up my shots. I’ll use kneeling, sitting on a stool or stump, shooting at Dandylions, Grasshoppers, & other things I can think up.
      The Dandylions are actually pretty good training for Snakes too.

    • Steve Branson
      Post count: 73

      Yeah Frank, I got some surprise mushrooms that popped up in the yard to whack…My kind of mushroom hunting!!:wink:

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