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    • doug krueger
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      Is it effective to sharpen a tanto point on a double bevel broadhead? If so I am open to all techniques, please share.

      Thanks Doug Krueger

    • wildschwein
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      I put a tanto tip on some Tusker Concorde double bevels once. Only managed to shoot Rabbits with them, but I did notice the tips bent less with the tanto tip filed on.

    • Lawrence Hansen
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      I was visiting the TERMINATOR website (V.P Archery) yesterday and they have introduced a full line of double bevel, solid machined, tanto broadheads. Pictuers included and they appear to answer your question with a commitment to market such a configuration.

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Indeed. The broadheads that Larry is referring to are the VPA Penetrators. I’m pretty intrigued by them, and will probably be picking some up soon. I’ve been really impressed with VPA quality so far (the Terminators are the most indestructible 3-Blade I’ve used), and they come in a broad variety of grain weights.

      All other things being equal, a Tanto tip will be more durable than a fine-pointed tip, and I can’t see it affecting penetration.

    • doug krueger
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      I tried to sharpen a tanto point on my tusker javelin and I had a hard time doing it. I couldn’t get it symmetrical with the point exactly in the middle and wound up pretty much ruining my head. Any tips on how to sharpen it would be appreciated. I was using a flat file with a free hand but I guess maybe I need a KME or something with set angles.

      Thanks Doug K

    • Fletcher
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      Here are a couple pics of my tanto on a Zwickey Delta. I do these freehand with a 6″ file. I can’t type enuf to describe how I do it but it really is pretty simple. PM me for a phone # and I can probably describe it.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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