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    • 1shot
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      Does anyone else have talismans on their hunting packs??? Mine are a link of spun yucca with the spine(trad plant in the southwest), an Indian bracelet I got in Belize bonefishing last year(brought me good luck flyfishing, so I figure it couldnt hurt for hunting), a catnip mouse(to attract Mt. Lions while hunting, Gf has a strange sense of humor), and an ancient arrowhead(no explaination needed)… I will also stick a piece of vegetation from the area I’m hunting, cedar sprig, buckbrush, oak leaves, etc. On my pack…

      Lets see yours and the reasons why…

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    • David Fudala
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      I have a little twist ’em, bend ’em frog character thing that my girlfriend gave me years ago. I can’t say he’s changed my luck but whenever I look down and see him smiling back at me I know where I am and that’s enough!

    • grumpy
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      Dirty old hat

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