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    • jeremy
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      DO you use trail cams? or does that meen your just lazy? I do not have one and am up in the air almost feel like its cheating,and your not puting in the effort.

    • William Warren
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      I’ve never used them. I probably would not spend the money on them. Besides once I have identified a prime hunting spot, the next time I enter it will be to hunt not check a cam. Checking cams and filling bait stations increases the liklihood that game will pick up your scent. Ever wonder why most trail cam pics of big bucks are are at night? I’m just sayin’. 😀

    • jeremy
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      very good point never payed much atention to the time of day.

    • Jesse Minish
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      I use them and have a lot of fun with them seeing all kinds of things you never get to see. I use them for hunting but also use them when its not hunting season for fun.

      I dont see it as being lazy or cheating for I have never changed where and when I was going to hunt because of a pic I got and I spend just as much or more time scouting and walking regardless of having a trail camera.

    • Rocks
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      I use one sporadically. Usually around home, and not where I hunt, though. It’s nice to see what’s in the area, I’ve got great pics of a lot of animals. If I did get a picture of a buck or bull I wanted on it though for sure I would hunt the area I had it in harder.

      I don’t see it as being lazy, i know guys who spend lots of time pre-season setting trail cams, time they probably wouldn’t spend out there otherwise. They have a good idea when the season opens what quality and numbers of animals are in their area.

    • Chris Shelton
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      I dont know if your initial post was a typo but I will leave it because it goes with what I will say! I agree with snufornot but also disagree. I would take the same precautions about scent that you would use for hunting. For myself that is none, lol. So when a buddy and I wanted to see what the deer population was on his property we used a trail camera. I liked using it, it was cool. I didnt like the camera because we caught alot of TAILS!:lol: But that was a cheap camera when my buddy bought it 5 years ago. Now they all have faster trigger speeds. Alot even have bursts.

      I definatly dont see it as biong lazy, it is work sometimes. The reason I dont use one all the time is because I hunt mostly public land. I think I will get one though, and get it with the lock box so I can set one up on public land. Mainly so I can show Maryland DNR how retarted there season is so they can fire the dude that manages our western region!

    • Brad
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      I don’t use them. Don’t necessarily think their use makes someone lazy; on the contrary, they probably represent a little more work as you have to lug the things around, set them up, go back and check them on a regular basis, etcetera. I do feel though, from a personal standpoint, that they represent just another intrusion of technology into an arena where it’s really not needed.

      For me, I don’t want to know what every deer looks like in the areas that I hunt, or what all the bucks will score before I ever sit a stand there, or whatever. Half the fun for me is NOT knowing what’s going to show up. I want to be surprised. When a big boy shows up on some frosty morning I want my brain to be saying, “HOLY CRAP, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING!”, not, “oh, there’s that typical 4×4 I have five pictures of already…”

    • Alexandre Bugnon
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      Just the word “infra-red” makes me nervous when used in the same sentence with Nature and Hunting. Why bring this tech into Nature? Why is it so imperative to know what “you have” in one’s area? Personally, i don’t want to know what’s inside the box when i open a present. And since i will never travel to hunt inches, spreads or record books, i don’t need to see what this outfitter “has” versus his neighbor. Which makes me wonder if cameras are just not another tool to make money or have a name in a book

    • oldtwohairs
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      I’ve been using them for several years. I have even made a few homebrew cameras of my own. They are fun, plus they help me to know what the deer population is doing on my property, so that I can figure out how many does I should take from my property to keep the herd healthy and balanced.

      I understand how some might feel that it is cheating, but I would rather know how many deer I have and what they are. I’m not a trophy hunter, I’m just trying to hunt for mature deer and have fun at the same time and if the big one comes along I won’t complain.

    • Ralph
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      I knew I had a raccoon messing with my business but I didn’t know I had a family of six leaving their p..p all over my ground blind until I put out a camera. Always a nice surprise to put your hand into early in the morning. Silly camera took 254 pictures in one night of coons. My camera is way old, definitely no infrared. Can see the flash way far away. The flash doesn’t bother anything. PhotobucketOh, yeah, this guy too but never seen him in daylight.

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