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    • assenheimer
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      I’ve always shot tabs,but love the simplicity of the glove (hard to lose when on your hand). Can any of you glove shooters recommend a good solid glove for me to try out

    • bruc
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      Welcome Assenheimer !!
      Sorry that I can’t really help as I use a tab myself. If you have a Three Rivers catalog, they have a very good selection.

      Hope that helps and Merry Christmas:!:

    • strait-aero
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      Bruc is right, just send for a free 3Rivers catalog…and Merry Christmas,Assenheimer!:D

    • David CoulterDavid Coulter
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      I have a cordovan tab, a traditional cordovan glove and the Duraglove, all from 3Rivers. I ended up shooting with the Duraglove and it’s been great. I think it’s just a matter of preference, as I shoot about the same with all of them. I like the feel of the Duraglove, as it’s a lot like a regular glove. Lots of freedom of movement. I’ve been using it for a year and a half and it shows almost no sign of wearing out.
      3Rivers will give you great phone/tech help if you want to call and discuss it with them.
      Good luck, d

    • Charles EkCharles Ek
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      I’ve used a Damascus glove for several years, after losing patience with the flimsy construction of another type. My wife just gave me an Alaska Bowhunting Supply Super Glove off my Christmas wish list. I had never actually seen one, but I’d read some favorable comments.
      My ring finger is longer than my forefinger, but the length of the ring finger on the glove bothered me a little when I put it on. I thought it might get in the way on the release. (I shoot three under.) I also thought I might have some trouble holding during my draw.
      Yesterday I shot with it for the first time. I came in the house and declared, “It’s a good thing you got me that glove now, before it’s outlawed as unfair to deer.” I flat couldn’t believe how much it improved my release. I swear I had more arrow speed, and there were no flyers during my brief practice session with it.

    • ReadyHawk
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      assenheimer wrote: I’ve always shot tabs,but love the simplicity of the glove (hard to lose when on your hand). Can any of you glove shooters recommend a good solid glove for me to try out

      I shot with a tab when I was shooting target archery with a compound, I used a cavilier and it worked quite well, but now that I’m shooting a traditional long bow I use a glove. Just seems t fit better with the equipment. I’m using a cordovan traditional glove from 3rivers. It’s adjustable and allows my to shoot split finger with comfort.
      Hope that helps.

    • recurve man 91
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      i shoot both a tab and a glove, i love them both and my shooting is the same, but i use the glove when i want a little more coverage on my hand in the colder weather, and the tab when it is warmer outside.

    • Buzzard
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      Aussy; i strongly recommend the Wyandotte Closed-end glove available from 3-rivers. I’ve been shooting those gloves for 20 yrs and am very happy with them. I also remove the velcro and sew on an antler button for attachment. PS. I hate velcro almost as much as i hate x-bows.

    • assenheimer
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      thanks for all the imput happy hollidays

    • jerry
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      hi..the big shot glove..from ..american leathers..i;v been shooting with that glove for over 5 yrs..the best glove i’ve ever own..or u can go with the full glove..from ..american leathers…ps send for a ..3 rivers catalog or u can view it on line..3 rivers archery.com..good luck….. u can also view the glove.on ..american leathers.com… good luck..jerry..

    • turok
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      try this:
      cut the 1 and 3 fingers off an old glove even with the hand piece, then cut off the middle finger right up to the finger cover. sew the middle finger strap through the finger hole in your tab and you can wear it like a glove w/o losing it.

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