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    • Danny Klee
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      I have used a #70 Martin longbow for the past 4 years but I have never been out stump shooting. I am wanting to go but I am afraid of breaking my custom arrows. I plan to use rubber blunts. Would this break my arrow shooting at stumps and sapplings? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


    • Hubertus
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      I would say if you’re worried about breaking arrows, just watch what you shoot at. Go for soft targets (weeds in sand pits are great, or more rotten logs). I’m not a very experienced hunter but I do love stumping. Last time I went I was using a 50lb recurve with Easton Axis shafts tipped with Judos. I only broke arrows with semi direct hits on granite. I too had much more fun when I wasn’t worried about losing & breaking expensive arrows.
      Above all, Enjoy!

    • MontanaFord
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      I stump shoot quite a lot when I’m hunting, and even at 3-d shoots if the “stump” is close to in line with the target. I shoot 60# at 29 1/2″ with 590-ish grain arrows. I use anything from .38 special/.357 brass to rubber blunts to judos, and sometimes even field tips. Yeah, harder targets break/bend arrows, but I generally don’t worry about it too much. I can always make more money to buy more arrows.


    • stykbow67
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      I broke down this last winter and bought a dozen carbons MFX Classics and they will probally last me a long time I’m still shooting the same stumpin arrow but i’m on my second Montec SGH head I broke 2 of 3 “grabbers” off the first one. Very durable shafting but i’ll still be huntin with woodies.If you look through some of the classifieds you might be able to pick some up for a reasonable cost it would be money well spent.

    • crash87
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      I live along a railroad track and stump shoot on a regular basis, with my son and daughter. No, there are no stumps but, plenty of targets. I do not take my good arrows but rather my stump shootn’ arrows. But be careful, as I have pulled arrows (aluminum)out of the ground only to find they were bent by a rock. 1/2 doz this year alone. My kids shoot carbon and have yet to have one rendered useless. Get yourself, like I did, a 1/2 doz. carbons, your mortality rate will go down to practicaly non existent. Have fun, crash87 aka 26th Stump Shooters:)

    • RalphRalph
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      Yeah, stump shooting is just a generality. Not many stumps in my part of the world but trash collecting is a good substitute. Always some foam or plastic bags around.

    • SteveMcD
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      I stump shoot a lot during the off season all my bows are between 50 – 55 # so they are moderate weight not heavy. But, I have found that Judo’s work best along with Laminated Birch shafts, I believe any heavy wood like ash, hickory and Lam Birch will hold up very well to the rigors of stumping. I save old shot out fletch target cedar arrows and re-fletch them for stumping too. But cedar’s are going to break sooner or later more frequently than the heavier woods.

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