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      This Shakespeare Sierra 52″ amo, 45 lb draw was an online auction purchase about 3 months ago. I was shooting OK with it, but had a mishap trying to separate the string to install silencers. I broke one strand on a 12 strand string, and immediately threw the string out. Finally got two more 12 strand strings yesterday.

      Braced it at 9″, pulled it a few times and left strung overnight. By morning it was 8 3/4″ so I twisted up the string and braced it at 9″ again. Set my nock at 1/2″. I nock arrow under nock point. Bear Weatherest just like on my Kodiak Hunter. Installed beaver balls, and pads on the limbs for quiet. This thing shoots great, and is quieter than my Bear even though it’s the exact same setup as far as limb pads and beaver balls. My shooting has improved a billion percent, and my cold shots have been in a 2 inch circle at 15 yards every day with my Bear, and this bow is no different, when my form is consistent. I threw a few shots at 20 today, but my elevation judgement was off and arrows dropped a little low.

      Has anyone ever tried using a shoelace finger sling?

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