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    • jtj4times
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      New to traditional….after shooting should you unstring or leave it strung….does it matter……

    • Jesse Minish
      Post count: 115

      I leave my bow strung unless I know I wont be shooting for a while.

    • tailfeather
      Post count: 417

      I always unstring mine when done hunting or shooting.

    • Cottonwood
      Post count: 311

      All my vintage Bear’s are unstrung as I’m not shooting them everyday. My vintage Ben Pearson LB and Selfbow are unstrung as they also do not get shot a lot. But my 09 Samick Spikeman 50# recurve is always strung, as it gets shot almost daily

    • John Carter
      Post count: 71

      The bow I’m currently shooting I leave braced,,those I’m not are unbraced.

    • RedTape
      Post count: 51

      Unstrung and hung on a wall everytime.

    • tucsonbowhunter
      Post count: 27

      I unstring my bow every time im done shooting you dont have to unstring your bow but its not like its difficult so might as well.

    • Buzzard
      Post count: 66

      Most custom builders i’ve talked to say more bows are ruined by stringing/unstringing than by any other means. My bow stays strung unless i’m not going to be using it for a week or more.

    • Frank H V
      Post count: 129

      Several years ago I phoned Norm Johnson Blatctail Bows, & asked him the same question. I’d just had him build me one of his bows & wanted to take care of it properly.
      Norm told me as long as you are shooting it a couple times a week it won’t harm it to leave it strung (not in a car in the Sun!) he thought more bows are damaged by improper stringing & unstringing than by leaving them strung.
      I follow Norm’s advise & if I’m shooting a couple times a week, I leave it strung.

    • steveschrank
      Post count: 5

      i have left one bow strung for 9 years except when travling with it no harm no foul

    • trl242
      Post count: 28

      The Martin gets shot daily and stays strung, the rest are in the basement unstrung and hanging up. I don’t mind doing it (stringing, unstringing) but it’s hard on the strings and from what I read here possibly the bow as well. At any rate, fieberglass gives us a choice the older folks didn’t have.

Viewing 10 reply threads
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