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    • Danny Klee
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      Has anyone here read Fred Asbell’s book Stalking and Still Hunting? I prefer to use my 68″ longbow for hunting and to do that in a ladder stand (which I prefer because I would never climb your typical stand with those tree spikes or what ever you call them). Anyhow, in all four tree stands that I have I cannot shot my longbow without it hitting the treestand. I have tried everything and several stands but with the length of my bow I can’t get proper clearance. So I am seriously considering hunting from the ground. I am concerned about how to raise the bow, pull it back without the white tail spotting me. I always gun hunt from the ground but I am just wondering about someone else’s experiences with hunting on the ground with their bow. I am also wondering about anyone’s perspective on Mr. Asbell’s book. Thanks gang.


    • 1/2traditional
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      you could make a ground blind with camo netting but i aint got no experience hunting:?

    • David Petersen
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      Danny — I’m sure Fred’s book contains good advice. So far as I know he has always been a ground hunter, and quite successful. The first deer I killed, at 18, I was perched on an oak limb — no stand (they didn’t exist then unless you built a wood platform. That was also the last kill from a tree. TBM is currently running a series of articles, in each issue, focusing on ground hunting skills. 1/2trad’s suggestion is good, but depending on the situation you don’t even need camo negging. Brush blinds are fast and easy to build and effective. Other times you can simply hunker down in deep shade with a good dark background and that’s enough.

      This might be a good time to invite fellow Tradbow.com members to offer ground-hunting suggestions from their own experience, including suggesting good reads on the topic. Seems Fred’s book is as good a place as any to start. I think you’ll like the comfort, security and productivity of ground hunting. dave

    • LimbLover
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      I am definitely no expert when it comes to deerhunting. However, I am a newbie hunter that still hunts from natural ground cover, shoots a 68″ longbow, and has learned A LOT from the one season I have under my belt. I had a few failures last year, including an encounter with a nice 8-point at 10 yards, but I did manage to kill a deer from the ground and stay unseen amidst about 25 hungry does in the middle of a Michigan winter.

      For what its worth, the most important lessons I’ve learned from hunting on the ground from natural cover are the following:

      1) Don’t look for the perfect cover, because it doesn’t exist. Especially with a longbow. You will most likely have to maneuver slightly to make your shot. Make sure there is cover around to do that.

      2) You don’t have to stand/sit behind things. In fact, I avoid it if possible. I drove myself crazy trying to find cover that I could hide behind and still shoot my bow. As long as you have cover behind you: a big tree, brush tangles, etc. deer will have a hard time seeing you. You will feel naked, but it works and makes life easier. The trick is figuring out what “behind you” actually is. This is hard if you cannot identify where deer are moving in the area.

      I hunt a lot of edges, clearings, water sources, shallow ravines, funnels, orchards, etc. and I position myself just off of where I think a deer may cross.

      3) Be flexible. The perfect spot becomes not-so-perfect really fast. The cool part is that you can do something about it by not having a stand. Don’t be afraid to move as long as its into the wind and you do so slowly through cover.

      4) Find something light and ultra quiet to sit on if you are still-hunting. I had a little 360 stool last year and it was great until it broke on me. I’m still looking for the perfect solution. Carpet or a pad works great in the winter.

      Brian J. Sorrell’s Traditional Bowhunting for Whitetails book is great for ground hunting tips.

    • 3blades
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      I have read Freds book and found it to be very educating. All I do is ground hunt and that book has become my reference and bible when it comes to that style. I learned to walk like a deer due to his instruction found in the book. Its great stuff..:wink:

    • wildschwein
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      I am building a blind this Sunday over a water source. Gonna be tricky since the furthest possible shot is about 10 feet. I’ll post some pics of the build and we can see if it works.

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