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    • aeronut
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      Well I guess spring is here. We had our first tornado warning last night. Sirens going off in town and the surrounding areas, thunder rumbling across the fields, hail and rain falling, and big gusts of wind. I spent the afternoon at the insurance office and at a repair shop getting estimates. We lost power around 8pm and it came back on at 5:50am, just before I left for work. Blew down five poles a mile from my house.

      I lost one tree and had a metal shelf, 2 X 6 boards, and a piece of Mesquite firewood go flying. They didn’t fly far since my truck jumped out in front of them and kept them in the yard. $2190 in damage.

      The neighbors 1/4 mile away had worse luck. Their travel trailer turned into a tumbleweed and was stopped by a Cedar tree, upside down. It also blew down their silo and it in turn wrecked the shed next to it.

      Yep, Spring is here in the Heartland.


    • Chad Sivertsen
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      That was a close call, glad it was not worse. Been in a few tornados, scary stuff.

      Blizzard here.

    • David Petersen
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      Memories of growing up in OK. One tornadoe took out every building along several blocks of the south side of an east-west street, while nothing on the north side was even touched. Those spring blows, usually in April, kept me in good-paying summer work as a kid, re-roofing damaged houses. Once our garage was covered with salt, which was said to have been blown all the way up from the TX gulf coast. Glad you’re OK, dp

    • Hiram
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      Had earthquake tremors in Arkansas and MO. yesterday.

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