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    • solo one
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      I’ve been struggling to shoot well with my recurve for a year split finger. The other day I just tried three under first thing and put three touching at 20yds. Which is amazing for me. My bow maker asked before he made my bow which ide be using and I told him split. So I’m wondering if its been crafted for split, is it shooting goofy now which would explaine my shooting well.

    • Jason Wesbrock
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      The tillering difference between split and three under is really a moot point. Back when recurves were almost exclusively production bows (pre-compound archery) they were all tillered pretty much the same and the archer shot them however they liked. That being said, going from split to three under will usually require some minor retuning, more often than not resulting in a slightly higher nock point.

    • wahoo
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      solo I switched to 3 under and all I ended up doing was changing my nock as was said . My shooting has improved .

Viewing 2 reply threads
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