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    • Idabow
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      Has anyone put in for a special hunt or draw? This is my fourth year putting in for the Utah Elk (once in a lifetime)hunt in the Manti region. Results will be available in April. I’m also looking to put in for Moose in Idaho. Let’s hear what you’re waiting on.

    • David Petersen
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      Took me 17 years to draw a bull moose tag in CO, only to have my hunt ruined by ATVs.

      This year, as usual:
      Either sex elk (over the counter for archery)
      Timberline mule deer
      Bighorn sheep
      Fall turkey

      Those are all resident. I also hope to head south again next winter for whitetail.

    • Idabow
      Post count: 65

      Gotta say it, I really dislike those ATV’s and think they shouldn’t be allowed during hunting season, that sucks that they ruined your Moose hunt. What’s the Timberline mule deer hunt? Is that an early season hunt, which zone? Sounds like your plate is full with all that you’re putting in for, good luck!

    • Patrick
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      We have drawings here in Michigan for particular parts of the turkey season, elk, bear, and special hunts in the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge (with a chance for a BIG buck). I’ve applied on and off over the years for each of them but I’ve never been one of the chosen few.

    • purehunter
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      I’m waiting on either sex (Idaho archery), Cow elk (Colorado), mule deer (California archery), black bear (California archery/rifle) and putting in for points only for bull elk/mule deer in Wyoming, Nevada and Colorado. I should have a good shot at Wyoming bull elk next year but Nevada and Colorado are a long ways off.

      Good luck to you all!


    • Chris Shelton
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      I am in the only lottery we have here in MD, aside from lotteries to get access to certain WMA’s and parks. This is my second year for Black bear. I would feel blessed if I can draw one this year, and even more blessed to actually see on in the woods. I always see tracks, and have seen a few on the roads, but I havent actually crossed ones path in the woods? It will be interesting!

    • MontanaFord
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      Have yet to apply for anything, but most of our stuff doesn’t have to be postmarked till May 1 (moose, sheep, goat), or June 1 (deer, elk, and I think antelope, too).


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