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    • Danny Klee
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      I shoot a 70# Martin Mointaineer. At 15 – 20 yards, out of twelve arrow I can put almost all of them in the vitals on my 3-D target but it never fails one or two of them will hit the leg or very low or way toward the back end even if my anchor is tight and my bow hand remains up after the shot. Any advice what could be going on?

    • RalphRalph
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      Hi! What kind of arrows are you shooting? I shoot wood and for that problem with me I’d first check to see if all the arrows were straight (aluminum also). Then I’d see if perhaps it might be the same arrows that be acting up. If all is well with arrows I’d of course be thinking about me which probably is the problem anyway. It’s really easy to creep before releasing then your sub-conscience will pull your hand back where it oughta be and say “not me”. Also, it’s really hard to keep your concentration working to shoot a dozen arrows at time. Try 2-3 then pull relax and go again. Really, one arrow groups are really good to try also. 70# is a lot of bow. Most people don’t do that much. Good luck, Ralph.

    • Clay Hayes
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      R2 makes some good points. I sometimes have trouble shooting at inanimate objects shot after shot. I loose concentration. I shoot much better when I’m out stump shooting and every shot is different and challenging.


    • Yellowfeather
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      For the side to side inconsistency I would suspect the spine of the offending arrows (everything else being equal). Assuming we are talking about wood arrows then –
      There could be a few reasons that only a couple of arrows have bad spine: they might have been mismatched or if the nocks on the arrows are not set perpendicular to the grain then the spine would seem too weak.

      Just my two cents.

    • crittergitter
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      i am 15 been shooting a 60 lb longbow for 2 yrs,i 2 have this issue,after reading many books i find it is iether me or the arrow,i shoot great even impressed at a small traditional shoot.so,about38 percent of the time it is the arrow 62 percent of the time it is us,if it is us it could be nearly anything hand position, shoulder posision, back muscles off balance, fingers on string,but when it comes down to it me and you have something in common generally speaking we are both overbowed,like you i feel i draw the bow easily but after 25 shots not so much and if you feel pressure your bow weight will feel like it goes up 10 lb,this could be due to animals and getting nervous or people watching us,i dont suffer fromp people pressure but animals make my draw weight into 80 instead of 60,and i always forget to pick a spot,on animals witch i am news to killing with lead it doesnt bother me ,example hogs,however deer i have only killed 2 with lead 0 bow.my advice,i plan on getting a 45 lb recurve,whitch i have read is just as lethal on all north american big game so long as you have a medium weight arrow and decent head,second buy instinctive shooting by fred asbell,it helped me greatly.

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