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    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      I think that for many of us who hang out on this forum and navigate directly to it, there are a number of additional features available on the front page of the site that tend to get missed. I fear one of those things may be the “Sold Out Issues” available for download. It’s pretty cool to be able to go back and read those early issues of TBM, including every issue from the first two years! And a great thing to have on the shelf in your digital library.

      How many of you have taken advantage of these free downloads? If you haven’t, here’s a friendly reminder to check it out…

    • James HarveyJames Harvey
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      I definitely have and use it as a selling point when I tell folks here in Australia about the digital subscription option.

      I also copied all the PDF’s onto a couple of CD’s that I keep at work in case I feel like ‘flicking through’ an old mag during a lunch break 😉

      It’s a great feature and very generous of TBM for offering it.

    • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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      Thanks, Bruce and Jim. That project–to scan every page of 26 sold out issues–was a labor of love, and why we will never have all 147 issues in digital format. 😉 I also enjoy going back through those old articles and pictures. It’s funny to see T.J. and Larry with dark hair! The quality of those digital issues isn’t as good as what we produce now, but they are still fun to read.

      The other benefit of Premium Membership that a lot of folks miss is the 10% discount on items we sell on our website: subscriptions, merchandise and print back issues.

      If any other members are wondering what a digital issue looks like, we have a Sample Copy that is available to everyone. Try it out.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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