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    • bugkiller2
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      Ive read the reviews on a few that have used the snaro bird points. all have been gud. short range. fairly accurate. easy finding. hard hitting.

      Anybody else got anything i should no bout em. thot i would give em a try. birds n squirls i guess.

    • Buzzard
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      To quote my friend Woodchucker, who has 2 of them, (them’s the most worthless pieces of crap i ever used)

    • Chris Shelton
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      I dont know anyone who has ever killed anything with them. I would only use them for up to a grouse sized critter and it would have to be really close, less than 15 I would say. I had both sizes a while back. And they were really heavy. I would probably not recomend them. I rarely get within ten yards of small critters. The majority of my shots are around 19-22 yards. If you want something with a big wing span, go with the condor, or the smaller judos! Just my .02

    • Patrick
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      +1 for the Condor.

    • Ed Zachary
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      I’m with the Kondor too, a thumb’s down on the Snaro.
      Snaro concept looks good on paper but I think you’ll
      see a puff of feathers and one pissed-off partridge
      bound for parts unknown.

    • William Warren
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      Mine’s hanging out in the shed. Thought about getting it out this weekend and giving it another go.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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