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    • ihunttoo
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      Does anyone know who to go to for having snake skins applied to my bow limbs ?

    • Stephen Graf
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      You could do it yourself. It’s not hard.

      If you are not interested in doing it yourself, most bowyers can do it. If it was me, I’d check with whoever made my bow first. Then spread the search after that.

      I’m sure somebody will chime in here with some specific advise.

      A google search would probably solve your problem tout suite

    • ihunttoo
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      Thanks.I would like it done by someone who is experienced.My bowyer is now retired.

    • smiley1
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      You could check with The Bow Hospital. John does great work refinishing bows and he may be willing to apply a snakeskin for you. As Steve stated… It’s a pretty simple do it yourself project. Good luck. Steve

Viewing 3 reply threads
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