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    • mhay
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      I was just about to make my COLD shot this morning when I heard a truck slow way down on the road out front . I looked out and there is this young feller looking back at me . Then he stops ,,,backs up and pulls into my drive way . He gets out smiling and says GOOD MORNING .I respond the same back as he proceeds to tell me that he’d seen me out shooting before and thought he’d stop and introduce himself and talk about the bows and such .

      He shoots recurves and builds and shoots self bows and self made river cane arrows .

      We enjoyed a good conversation talking tackle and such . He assured me he’d be back with tackle in hand .

      When he told me his name I nearly fell over . His last name is the same as my wifes maiden name and they very well could be distant relatives .

      Oh , by the way ,,,my first three arrows today really stunk.

    • 1shot
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      Very Cool…

    • Frank H V
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      That is neat, are you going to find out if they are related somehow? Sounds like a story here!

    • mhay
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      We intend to do some research to see if they might be distant kin , , , , between shootin’ a few arrows and talkin’trad.

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