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      Way back when in the sixties and seventies it was not uncommon to see sights on recurve bows. Now it is unheard of. Just out of curiosity is anybody using sights on their bow? On Cascade archery site they list a mini sight but no picture so it got me curious. Maybe this would be a good survey question.

    • David Petersen
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      I am not too proud to admit that a couple of years ago I tried a longbow sight. Can’t remember the name, but it’s a loop with no pin. You position the target in the center. Advertised to help center the eye on “the spot” and maybe does. But I found it as functionally useless as the pins back in the old days and fed it to the garbage can. Would I have kept it and used it, had it worked great? While tempting, I don’t think so. To me, trad archery is all about doing less with technology and pulling more from myself. That is not a slam on what very few tradsters use sights, but just my take on the universe. On a pragmatic level, one of the few practical advantages of shooting instinctively over using sights, is that it frees you from having to precisely calculate range.

      None of which is meant to hijack or dampen your original question, which is entirely valid. Variety is the spice of life. 😀

    • M
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      I don’t use a sight myself. I did back in the70s and I still have the bow and the sight. Back then about half the recurve shooters maybe more had a sight on their bow, and I was just curious as to what happened did they become compound shooters? Maybe sights on trad bows are like herpes everyone makes fun of them and if you have them you hide it. And no I don’t have them herpes or sights on my hunting bow. It is interesting to note there are lots of views but only one reply.

    • Hiram
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      Sights are widely used on Recurves every where in the World. Olympics, Hunting and Target use. Sights are only a method of Gap shooting.You either gap off the riser, or on the Target. I use the arrow and gap off my riser instead of sights. I do not need one! I already have a built in sight with the arrow. OK, the length of the arrow determines my up and down POA at a certain distance, lets say 24 yds. my arrow point in the middle of the target. That is where the front sight (arrow tip) causes the arrow to impact in the center of the target at that distance. OK, if I want to lower that POA distance, I simply lenghten my arrow a little. See how it works? OK, if I have a point on at 24 yds. and I want to have a reference point for 34 yds. Then my arrow only acts as the Horizontal determiner. I simply establish where, on the rear of the riser, the point I raise the arrow to on this mark, Bingo!!! I am now gapping off the riser and using the arrow tip for the Horizontal only. The mark on the rear of the riser determines the Vertical. Same thing except different than a compound shooter using a sight as a gap measurement for heighth. 🙂

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
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      Had a triangular shaped Cobra sight pin mount on my recurve back in the late 70’s. Killed my first deer with it. Over time I found I did not need it and took it off the bow. Still have it in the bottom of my tackle box along with one of the those pendulum sights I used on the compound bow in thw 80’s.

    • Kegan
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      I tried taping a match stick on the back of my bow to help with form issues, but I’ve gotten so used to different ways of aiming with the arrow point it messed me up worse. Don’t think it helped that my bow stacked in the last two inches either:D

    • donw
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      i used a merrill heart shot sight on two of my recurves back in the late 70’s/early ’80’s

      not now though

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