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    • lhertel
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      I just built a hickory self bow with bamboo backing, and the darn thing is shooting left. Can anyone guide me in a direction on how to fix this issue?

    • Chad Sivertsen
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      There are a few things that could cause this but my first guess would be that your arrows are too stiff of spine. Put some heavier field points on to lower the arrow spine…or try lighter spined arrows. The biggest challenge with selfbows for me is arrow spine, they sometimes have a very narrow spine requirement, just a couple of pounds can make a difference. By comparison my center shot recurves will shoot a 20# range of spine.

      You could be torqueing the bow, brace height might be too low, but again I’d bet arrow spine is the culprit. Have fun.

    • lhertel
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      I haven’t thought about the arrow spine. The arrows I currently shoot are cedar shafts and are spined at 55-60lbs. A far cry from where the draw weight is on this bow.

    • Clay Hayes
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      do you have an arrow shelf cut out of this bow? If so, how far from center? If not, how wide is the handle section and, does your string bisect the handle?


Viewing 3 reply threads
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