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    • mnmuzzleloader
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      Hey everyone, hope we are all surviving winter and looking forward to spring turkey season!!! Well I was wondering if anyone has ever made their own shooting glove? I have been busy with leather lately and wondering if anyone has pattern or suggestions on making a glove!!! Thanks!!!:D

    • RAGMAN
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      I never made a shooting glove. But I have made a few tabs.

    • alby301
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      i’ve never made a shooting glove or tab and never really thought about it till reading your post. i use one of the alaska bowhunting skookum shooting gloves and it is by far the best i’ve ever used. i think i’ll try and replicate it and let everyone know how it turns out.

    • pigtickler
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      They quit making my old favorite the Grizzly deer skin with double thickness on the finger tips….I tried a Neet and an Allen that are similar but not made nearly as well.

    • jeffmtnman
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      I’m 6’10” tall w/ large hands. Standard shooting gloves just don’t fit.Heres what I shoot with today.
      Go to your local hardware store and find a pair of leather work gloves that you like. Not too snug.
      Cut off the pinkey and thumb of right hand glove. (Left for leftys of course)
      Cut off finger tips (to a length about midway between first and second knuckle) from opposite glove and insert these into fingers on shooting glove.
      Camo with magic marker or leather dye. I only use saddle soap to protect the leather. Don’t want stickey finger tips.

      Your finished product is cheaper, more comfortable, and the double fingertips protect your fingers while still allowing a good feel for the string.

      I shoot almost everyday and these last me 2 or 3 years so if you make a glove that works out well for you go right back to the store and buy another pair of the same glove for future use.

    • donw
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      if you’re in doubt about making your own and would rather have one custom made contact americanleathers.com.

      they will take a pattern from your hand and make one specifically for you.

    • jeffmtnman
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      donw wrote: if you’re in doubt about making your own and would rather have one custom made contact americanleathers.com.

      they will take a pattern from your hand and make one specifically for you.

      Umm, $70 as opposed to about $10 – $15 for mine design ??
      Mine takes about 5 minutes and enough dexterity to use a pair of scissors. Mine also leave a larger opening at the thumb and pinky area for more freedom of movement. However, since I believe in freedom to chose our own path, your certainly welcom to spend $70 on one glove.
      I’ll try to post a pic of mine.

    • MontanaFord
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      I had a custom glove that I bought from a leather worker here in Montana, and loved it. I believe the release surface was made from cape buffalo leather. It was an excellent glove. He sold it to me for 40 bucks because it was the last of his XL’s that he had with him, and I was currently shooting a “Wal-mart special” glove that had an inch-thick cowhide release surface. To my dismay, I lost that glove about a week before the first shoot of the summer last year and had to buy a replacement, and my guy wasn’t at the shoot due to the extremely high gas prices. The nice thing about the cape buffalo leather is that even being a single layer of leather, it was a very durable leather yet not so thick you couldn’t feel the string. My uncle had (and wore out) a glove made by the same person, except the release surface was made from shark skin. Also extremely durable yet thin enough that you could feel the string really well. I’ve also gone the “work-glove” route, and found that in a pinch, it worked…beyond that, I didn’t like it because the cheaper leather of the work gloves tends to wear out faster than I like. Just my pennies.


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