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    • Sagittarius1
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      Hi guys – I’m brand new to traditional type bows. (Been using a compound for hunting for 10 years or so.) –

      My question is – how’s the best way to package a long bow for shipping ? One I bought this month was broken in two pieces by USPS. I got another longbow that I’ll have to return to the seller. It arrived o.k. off the Fedex truck, but the box was banged up pretty good. None of the cardboard boxes in which Ive received bows seemed particularly strong or rigid. Long, relatively delicate objects on board semi-trucks for a week while crossing the USA probably don’t make for the best combination. How do you package bows to ship them? I’m tempted to try PVC tubing with endcaps, but dont know how much weight that would add or how much it would cost for a 74 inch longbow. – Thanks

    • Stephen Graf
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      I don’t have much experience shipping bows. But the few I have shipped have travelled ok. All were shipped via USPS. In fact, I just shipped one yesterday….

      I have used the 3 sided tubes that the post office provides. nesting one into the other to get the required length. Taping them together.

      The one I shipped yesterday was a similar configuration only the two boxes were about 4 inches square by 4 ft long.

      PVC sounds like a good idea, but it would definitely add a lot of weight.

      Insurance is probably the best answer. Insure it for $10,000 and hope for the worst 😯

    • Ralph
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      The last time I shipped a bow I went to a local carpet store and they gave me the cardboard tube out of the middle of a roll of carpet. Tough stuff.

      I imagine it added as much or more weight than some PVC but to me the extra cost was worth the trouble.

      The bowyer sent the repaired bow back in the same tube and it survived that too.

    • Mark Turton
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      Yep, cardboard tube or rainwater down pipe, last year I was charged extra for sending a round tube I’m told round things cause problems on conveyors so it may pay to use something that doesn’t roll.

      Another thing that helps is to pack neatly and label clearly, if it looks like you care then the parcel company may also.


    • Col Mike
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      Trust one of the bowers on this site will weigh in. Like javaman–Greg Coffey, I mean they do it for their business.

      Wait for their response. IMHO.


    • Cleland
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      I try to save the original box my bow comes and use that for any kind of shipping that needs done, have never had a problem that way.

    • David Coulter
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      Try the local photo shop. Background paper comes in long cardboad boxes about 5 inches suare and several feet long. Might score something there. Best, dw

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