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    • MontanaFord
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      Does anybody use Scent-Lok or other odor-neutralizers? What works best and what doesn’t work very well? What about cover scents and the like?


    • Mike Bolin
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      Personally have never used any type of “scent lock” clothing. I THINK it is a gimic. I feel like most of the scent we emit comes from our head and mouth and even wearing a full headcover won’t stop it all.I do use scent free soap, either Ivory bar soap or HS when I shower before a hunt. I don’t wear my hunting boots in the truck or for anything other than hunting. I have had deer pick my trail at times even tho I had taken as many precautions as I could to scent free. Walking to to the stand or blind, wade a small stream or step in puddles and when I hunted where there was livestock present, I didn’t avoid stepping on a cow “plop” or two. I did quite a bit of research on the scent lock type clothing and there are just as many negative reports out there as there are positive ones. Playing the wind is the most important thing any hunter can do. Good luck! Mike

    • Chris Shelton
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      I love to use a type of scent prevention that has served me well, I have never been picked out and probably never will because it works so well. It is something that everyone knows about but for some reason everyone in the modern bowhunting world has forgotten about!? Working the wind!!! I am actually with tred barta on the whole scent blocker, crap. I mean yes it probably does do what they say it does, but what happeneds if you walk behind the truck and get those nasty fumes on you, or you burp in the woods that stuff will not help you!? Just one mans opinion!

    • SteveMcD
      Post count: 870

      I agree that the important thing is to stay as clean and as scent free as possible. I don’t buy into scent-lok though figuratively or literally, they have tried unsuccessfully a half dozen times to get a patent and haven’t, from what I have read. Given that record, why would anyone want to pay 3 times as much for clothing – go figure. 🙄 I do use scent elimination sprays and there are some on the market that are very good, including anti-mycrobal sprays that are germ killers as well as oder killers. However, they are another tool in scent elimination not a solution , and there is no substitute for clean odor free boots and clothing and hunting the wind.

    • Stephen Graf
      Post count: 2361

      I have used scent-loc stuff and can’t say that it makes a big difference. No matter what you will get busted from time to time.

      I have found a cheap cover scent that seems to help at least as much as anything else. I buy a bottle of cedar oil from a website in Texas. I then make a mixture of 10oz water, 2 oz cedar oil, and a drip of ivory dish soap. When sprayed on my cloths, it lasts many days, basically till the next wash.

      You need cedars in your area though, or you will stand out. to their noses….

    • lssa
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      i have tried scent lok when first came out still got busted when wind was wrong when back to the old fashion of playing the and had better luck

    • johnny2
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      I watch the wind and use a baking soda water spray I make myself.

      A few years back I tried a technique a friend told me about that has roots in Native American hunting methods. I went vegetarian for a month before season. Amazingly I was never busted and actually killed a buck 8 yards DOWNWIND from me. Of course I also kept my clothes scent free. Alas, I don’t have the will power to deny my carnivore needs to try this again.

    • Chris Shelton
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      wow, better you than me, I could not do that to myself. The whole reason I hunt is because of how much I love meat! I bet it would work though! And you have the proof to say so.

    • looselystrung
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      Never used or will use the stuff…I read elsewhere the industry has a class-action lawsuit going against them for fraudulent advertising..go figure.
      The”carbon” already picks up odors in the stores,being handled,shipped etc and to “re-charge” it requires several hundred degrees of temperature!!:shock:
      What is real good I.M.H.O is the stuff (particularly underwear) with silver thread in the weave. It is a natural bacteriocide, never wears off and keeps B.O to a minimum.I use that, wool clothes and take chlorophyl caps with meals (you get get it in most health food stores) which deodorize you from the inside..hey I found it helps.And of course the MOST important…..watch the wind…:roll:

    • PagosaBow
      Post count: 61

      I dont use sent lok stuff. I wash my clothes in scent killer smells like dirt soap and bag it along with a dirt smelling wafer from HS. I dress when I get to the trail head and put on a couple more wafers,( one on head wear, pack and boots)and have found that to work pretty well. I think its working pretty good. gotta watch wind n noise.

    • paza
      Post count: 28

      never have used the stuff, to many douts that it will work. For one thing there are five words missing in its sells. (guaranteed or your money back.) To much money for something that more than likely won’t work. The best thing I’ve done is to use fox scent coming to my stands and make sure the wind is right. By the way, I have killed several deer because they got to nosey with the fos scent, let there guard down and came to my tree stand. Keep the wind in your favor and good hunting!!

    • Idabow
      Post count: 65

      Don’t use the stuff either, no scientific proof that it works, may have a “placebo” effect upon the user…Did ya ever wonder that if it did mask some scents, it alone has an unnatural scent that the animals can pick up on? Best bet is to skip the Aqua-Velva, go clean and natural and note the wind.

    • Chris Shelton
      Post count: 679

      I ahve always wondered that myself, and now I suppose they are really trying to market the UV light deal now too? It is like the flash scaring deer on a trail camera. It would not be that hard to figure it out. Someone just needs to man up and sit in a tree stand above a trail camera that gets pictures all night and see if it scares the deer! Actually why has noone done that, it could make or break the infared industry!?

    • skip.jacobs1
      Post count: 13

      I think I’ve tried just about every gimmick there is and found that most if not all of them don’t work. What i’ve found works the best is I put all of my hunting clothes and equipment in a rubbermaid box and stuff it full of pine limbs from the overgrown pine trees in my yard. For some reason that seems to work for me but playing the wind is probably the only guaranteed way to eliminate getting busted.

    • Don Thomas
      Post count: 334

      A lot of discussions of this subject focus on the question: Does it work? I’m glad to see that a lot of folks agree with my response: Who cares? Playing the wind is part of bowhunting. Try to beat the quarry’s sense of smell with something that comes out of a box and you’re only cheating yourself in the long run. Don

    • William WarrenWilliam Warren
      Post count: 1384

      I’ve never used the stuff. I have used various cover scents and I have used pine or cedar boughs as someone else mentioned. In a pinch I have rubbed crushed sweetgum leaves over my pants legs to cover my scent. But the best thing I have used is just fresh air. I hang my clothing out at least overnight and since I live in the woods, the clothes pick up the scent of leaves in the fall. I try to keep myself clean without using scented soap and stay down wind of my prey. I have not killed as many deer as some on this page but I can say I have killed a buck with the bow at 9 paces. He did not know what hit him.

    • Patrick
      Post count: 1148

      donthomas wrote: A lot of discussions of this subject focus on the question: Does it work? I’m glad to see that a lot of folks agree with my response: Who cares? Playing the wind is part of bowhunting. Try to beat the quarry’s sense of smell with something that comes out of a box and you’re only cheating yourself in the long run. Don


    • Hiram
      Post count: 484

      I’d rather invest in a good set of wool clothes like sleeping Indian etc. Do not know if it(scent lock) works or not.

    • MontanaFord
      Post count: 450

      Lots of great opinions on here. Thank you for all of the responses.

    • strait-aero
      Post count: 350

      You all have it right. Keep your clothes as scent-free as possible, and wash off with Ivory soap before venturing out. Then watch the wind as you hunt……


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