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    • cavscout9753
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        So, after an ‘educational’ year of shooting my PSE Coyote recurve, my new bow arrived today. I put a lot more research into the new one than I did the Coyote. (That one was very impulsive.) don’t ge me wrong, it’s a solid bow, and honestly, if it wasn’t such a pain in the butt at times, I wouldn’t of been forced to learn so much about trad shooting, so all in all no regrets and I have a back up takedown should the need ever arrise. But back to the orriginal point.. I’m a cheap, single income man with 2 small boys who makes what the Army gives, so price was a main topic in selecting a new bow. I looked at the ebay bows, and for any I would trust, the price was still pretty high for my blood. (Maybe when I finally hit that powerball..) and the Samick had good reviews. I pulled a few back at the local bow shop, though they only carry the basic models like the sage. After digging around online I found a very nice looking one, the Red Stag. I went with the one piece because a) I have a take down should I ever really NEED that, and b) I like a one piece to remove one possible fail point if possible (limb seating, etc.)

        Well after getting it and putting on a string I had made from a fella here in Alabama (Very cheap and very well made, just what I wanted. Black with hunter green servings)I took that dreaded first shot (“please don’t shoot like a chunk of fire wood…”) and wow, my gold tip carbon launched off the sucker. A quick nock point adjustment and they were zipping right where I was looking. Smooth, quiet, and fast. Very light compared tothe PSE Coyote. I went with the 50# draw at 28″, same as the PSE, but it draws harder leaving me wondering if either the PSE loosened up on me or perhaps the stag needs to settle in(?) either way, my 20 meter trajectory is more flat, and arrow speed seems up, so I’m not going to fuss about it. Now I know a custom bow or even a bigger name, or pricier piece probably does much better, but for the money I would spread the word to any hesitant wheelie guys considering crossing over or new archers in general. At $169.00 (free shipping from the store I found up north) you really can’t go wrong. Now, if only I can take a plump whitetail this year and fill up that freezer that seems to be mocking me… Ha.

      • William Warren
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          Samick has been around awhile, supplying target archers with some of the best target equipment on the market. I beleive it is a Korean company that mass produces bows, risers and limbs. I have a Hoyt Huntmaster that I got in the early 80’s that is nothing more than the Samick Sage with the Hoyt logo on it. Samick has made and marketed bows under a number of familiar labels. Also have the Volcano. They both shoot great and did’nt break the bank of this working man. Good luck with your new Red Stag, I think you will like it.

        • Wexbow
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            Another Samick fan here. Been shooting a hybrid Samick Sage/Polaris for a couple of years and love it. Now I had to do some minor fixes on the bow such as tightening up the limb pockets, filing down string nocks and the like, but the bow is cheap and shoots just fine for newbies and those on a budget just like me. Enjoy the redstag, I think Justin or someone else on here has one too.

          • Etter1
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              I have a red stag as well. I bought it as a backup bow for my damon howatt monterey. I didn’t think I would like it either, but it’s a sweet shooter. I just backed mine with copperhead skins too and it’s even quieter.

              I can’t speak highly enough of samick. Great bows at great prices. My next bow is going to be a samick stingray. Love the way they look and have heard great reports.

              Congrats on the bow!

              ps- I previously owned a pse coyote as well. I wasn’t a fan and sold it within six months of purchase. Love the wood and glass.

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