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  • paleoman
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    I read news from all over.  Thought this was cool. I like some of the commentary. Good for them! How many friends will we never meet that share our interests due to political drama. I realize RT is controversial, but we have brothers over there! I’m all for more brothers of the bow.

  • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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    Interesting article. I wonder if they have an achery organization that helped initiate the legislation?  Good for them. Maybe we can get TJ and webmom to travel there and do an article on bowhunting in Russia—


  • Robin ConradsRobin Conrads
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    I think Don Thomas has some great stories about hunting in Russia in his book Longbows in the Far North. About the same time we were starting the magazine, Don, Dick Robertson, Doug Borland and several others were doing some exploratory hunts there. It only lasted a few years but I remember thinking that was pretty cool and very risky.


  • Raymond CoffmanRaymond Coffman
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    Great book !

    It definitely would be an interesting hunting adventure ! Maybe in my next lifetime – haha


  • Charles EkCharles Ek
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    There have been periods when flights were available from Alaska into Siberia on Alaska Airlines (1990s) and Yakutia Airlines (2012-18), but there’s nothing currently available on a regular basis to my knowledge.

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