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    • David Petersen
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      Not too shabby …

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    • Carl Brickey
      Post count: 105

      Nice! If only I could find a tree that large with rubs here in East TN…….

    • James Harvey
      Post count: 1130

      Great photos Dave. Have you guys had bush fires recently? All the other photos I’ve seen of your neck of the woods seemed to have pretty heavy undergrowth.

      Is there generally a correlation between the size of the rub and the size of the antlers? Or do excited young fellas rub up a storm sometimes as well?

    • Alexandre Bugnon
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    • paleoman
      Post count: 918

      obviously a big “Squatch working a selfbow on the stump. That is a sight!

    • David Coulter
      Post count: 2270

      Geez that’s firewood in this neck of the woods! Best of luck with your hunt, Dave. Looks like a win-win not matter what. best, dwc

Viewing 5 reply threads
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