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    • Col Mike
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      Hard to write about it–would make a good book. 10 days with a brother each of us never had. Appropriate for this site is that I think he will stay connected with us and provide his unique style of practical advise, followed by those ethical questions that entertain us all and give raise to much thoughtful discussion.

      What a tour guide–the only blank spot was the “yeller stone” because of the weather (yes these two old Marines) opted out of camping in the rain. No issue as we had accommodations at Flo Shepard’s cabin.

      I’m somewhat hesitate to report but I believe Dave is coping with the lose of Caroline as well as possible.

      It’s hard to describe– that we had fun and sadness at the same time. But throughout the journey our common subject that we fell back on was hunting with traditional weapons.

      Mom just to keep it on thread:D I shot the bow on the

      first evening before the gin and tonic.8)

      Semper Fi


    • Col Mike
      Post count: 911

      oops forgot to mention that I had the honor of viewing almost the final cut of “The Good Hunt”. You all are going to enjoy it.

    • David Coulter
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      Thanks for this note. It must have been a great time for the two of you. You are fortunate to have the time with Dave and he is fortunate to have you as a friend.

      I never served in the military, but I drank a lot of coffee and a lot of beer listening to those who have from three wars. I’ll never grow tired of hearing tales of times I missed.

      Straight arrows to you. You are a good friend. peace, dwc

    • Vintage Archer
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      I would like to have been a fly on the wall………………….I hope Dave gets back to the TULLAMORE DEW tonic will kill you


    • James Harvey
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      colmike wrote: I shot the bow on the

      first evening before the gin and tonic.8)

      That’s right Mike, safety first 😉 The other way around always ends in tears, or lost arrows…

      I think if anyone could be forgiven for opting out of a wet night in the rain it’s a pair of old marines. Glad you fellas could share some good times. You’ve also got me all excited over the good hunt again too… can’t wait 😀

    • Stephen Graf
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      Thanks for the report! I had heard rumor’s of the trip and am glad it happened as you described. That yeller stone is quite the place, eh? Too bad so many people know about it.

      I wish I had known about all the drinking though, I’d a bought up some booze commodities, as they likely went up 😯

    • Fallguy
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      Thanks for the update Mike. Oh ya Mom I make a half dozen arrows for my son’s G’freind yesterday.:D

    • Bruce Smithhammer
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      Sounds like quality time well spent.

      Wish I could have met up with you guys on your way through, but I was out of town that weekend.

      What, no pics?!? 😀

    • T Downing
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      Mike–Sorry I missed you being here. I was on a wilderness backpack trip of my own. I heard about the journey north from Dave yesterday. Sounded like a great time. I still haven’t seen any of the Good Hunt, I hope it turns out the way it should. I hope to meet you soon brother. T

      Robin–Been shooting the heavy Longbow in preparation for elk season. Hard to believe opening day is next month!

    • paleoman
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      That’s so cool that brotherhood you share. If I may ask, did you guys know each other outside this site or connect thru it? Glad to get the update!

    • Stephen Smiley
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      Great to hear you guys had fun. Been missing Dave’s sharp wit around here lately.

      I had a little taste of Gin while tuning arrows myself this weekend. Trying to get a little more FOC for Elk season.

    • SteveMcD
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      Very glad to hear you gents had a great time! Also very glad to know Dave is coping as to be expected and getting out and about. God Bless.

    • wojo14
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      Glad to hear you guys had fun!

      Nice to have good friends you can count on.

    • David Petersen
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      In fact I invited Mike on this trip because I knew I needed to make the journey to visit an 87-year-old friend before I lose her too, for healing purposes. Yet I was fearful of going alone because it’s a trip Caroline and I made countless times over more than three decades, thus filled with ghosts and insecurity at every night’s camp for me. Mike was here briefly last summer so I knew he could be counted on for an open mind and near nonstop laughter. What I didn’t know was that on a clear night in a fern-carpeted aspen grove atop the Ashley NF above Flaming Gorge, he would keep me up half the night around a campfire detailing with amazing enthusiasm and knowledge the cosmos that is our greater home, yet a mass of flickering confusion to me. Paleo–while our “service” in the Marines overlapped, and he may or may not have risked his life riding in a chopper I was driving, we didn’t know each other until recently. I believe I sent him here to Tradbow, so it was a bit before that. Now I am back to my usual hermit reclusiveness, but healthier in the head (if not the liver) than before the trip. Thanks, Mike. And thanks again to all of you who have been so supportive. I remain a bit bipolar, but am relying on September to straighten me out. (This all feels uncomfortably self-indulgent, and I apologize. Life is weird for those who take it seriously. By comparison, death is easy.)

    • skifrk
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      Dave and Mike glad to hear the trip went so well for you guys. Glad to hear you are doing well Dave, looking forward to September for a couple of reasons myself. Good luck this September with elk.

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