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    • ChumpMcgee
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      Last night I discovered 3 new scrapes and thought I would give my luck trying to hunt close to them today. I found a nice tree to sit in front of and the cover was not the best but itnwas enough to hide behind. When i was walking in i drug two scents on either side of me one estrus and the other just regular doe pee. I walked to my blinds hung teen wicks up and sat down and hour and a half before sunrise. Not more then 15 minutes later I heard some antlers clanging and two bucks were fighting off in the darkness. Next thing I know I hear the footsteps of the deer running straight towards me downwind of me. I could see the outline of the deer but it was pitch black and I watched him freeze roughly 15 yards away and still downwind…..BUSTED! He snorted at me and him and his now best friend took off running…

      I laughed even thou I was disappointed at the end resort. Hopefully my luck will change very soon its been a pretty slow few weeks for me.

    • Brennan Herr
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      Nice job getting them in close. Keep at it. It will happen. I called a little 6 point in last night to 10 yards. Little fellow is protected or I would have taken a shot. But man it is cool to get them in close on the ground. Good luck.

    • grumpy
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      Second day of the season I spent the evening calling, then when I got up to go home, I spooked 2 deer out in a hay field. Too dark to see antlers.

      What is important is that we are close. Really, really close.

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