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    • Troy Breeding
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      Hopefuly this will work right. It reminded me of my early days.:D



    • CareyE
      Post count: 111

      Good one.

    • YankeeRedneck
      Post count: 15

      That was awsome!

      Thanks for posting this. 😆

    • horserod
      Post count: 78

      Yes Troy, You just had to remind me………No seriously, That was funny. No doubt just like I was years ago….sigh! 😉 Bullseye

    • Ralph
      Post count: 2554

      Yeah, man! That’s cool. Reminds me of me and my first longbow. Thought I was stud Marine or something until I tried to sting the dang thing @ 65#. And there I was considering a 70#er cause that’s what my wheely was. UMMM! Grasshopper learn!!

      Glad I’m smarter now somewhat about both stringing a bow and poundage one ought to deal with. Somehow the old days seem to be getting further away!

    • SoCalRedneck
      Post count: 1

      Looks about like me right now trying to recover from shoulder surgery… fun times.:?

Viewing 5 reply threads
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