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    • hogup
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      I have been thinking of reducing my long bow weight from #50 to #45. Should I be able to shoot the same spine of wooden arrows that I currently shoot with my #50? Can I expect a reduction in arrow speed and cast as well with a reduced draw weight and if so, by how much?

    • Stephen Graf
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      I would think you could use the same arrows. You may need to increase the point weight 50 grains or so to keep the arrows flying right. Doing this will affect your speed, but it will increase the stability of the arrow and the penetrating power of your setup as well.

      If you do get a new bow, I wouldn’t change anything right off. Just start shooting the new bow with the old arrows. Different bows like different arrows. So you may not have to do anything at all.

      Reducing the bow weight reduces the energy you put into the shot. Therefore your arrow speed will, necessarily, decrease. Unless, of course, your new 45lb bow is of a much better design than your 50lb bow.

      How’s that for wishy-washy?

    • hogup
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      Perfect Steve! Thanks much. I am thinking of getting a Bear Ausable. The #50 I shoot now is a Montana.

    • Ripforce
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      I have 2 50lb@28 Bama longbows 66in straightlimbed models, my latest one my Bama Expedition is a 62in 46@28 Reflex/Deflex, shoots all my wood arrows spines real well and it really zips an arrow! Very comfortable weight to shoot mid 40s best of both worlds I think as far a bow weights go!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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